2017 Global Day: ALS/MND Cheers Challenge

We are delighted to announce another successful Global Day! On 21 June 2017, individuals and associations across the world participated in the ALS/MND Cheers Challenge. They toasted other associations, colleagues, researchers, PALS and CALS all united in the worldwide fight against ALS/MND. It was a special way to honor and thank the global ALS/MND community.

To participate in this challenge, our supporters shared “cheers” photos and videos on social media using the hashtag: #ALSMNDWithoutBorders. This hashtag was shared over 314 times on 21 June! We saw participation from supporters in 18 countries across the world, including 19 Alliance members.

The Alliance’s social media received a flurry of engagement on Global Day! We counted over 72 unique “cheers” posts, including .gifs, videos and photos. It was truly heartwarming to see them all. You can watch all of the ALS/MND Cheers Challenge photos and videos on our slideshow:

Thank you for participating in Global Day! If you haven’t already, follow us on social media to stay up-to-date on Alliance and member activities: Facebook and Twitter. If you would like to share your personal experience with the ALS/MND Cheers Challenge or feedback, please contact the Coordinator: coordinator@als-mnd.org.