Board of Directors


Members of the Board of Directors, 2017

Carol Birks
MND Australia
Steven Bell (Honorary Treasurer)
MND Association of England, Wales & Northern Ireland
Robert Bestow
MND Scotland
Gorrit-Jan Blonk
ALS Netherlands
Teresa Salas Campos
Efrat Carmi
IsrALS, Israel
Sara Feldman
The ALS Hope Foundation, USA
Rob GoldsteinRobert Goldstein
ALS Therapy Development Institute, USA
Tammy Moore
ALS Canada
Barb Newhouse
The ALS Association, USA
Kiki Qu
Taiwan MND Association
Rachel Patterson

Board Committees, 2016

Members of Board Committees, 2016

The Board of Directors uses Board Committees to delegate specific tasks, expedite decision-making and increase efficiency in governing the Alliance. Below, you will find the titles of the current Board Committees, along with a description of each Committee’s role and a list of its members.

Committee TitleCommittee MembersCommittee Responsibilities
Budget, Finance, Administration & ComplianceCarol Birks, Steven Bell, Bob Bestow, Barb Newhouse, Evy ReviersAssist the Board in the effective discharge of its responsibilities for financial management, reporting, internal controls, risk management and internal and external audit processes in accordance with UK and English laws regulating incorporated charities. Assist the Chairperson in developing and supporting the role and function of the General Manager.
Membership Application Review
Bob Bestow, Efrat Carmi, Teresa Salas, Kiki QuEvaluate new member applications and make recommendations to the Board.
Partnership and Alliance Support Grant

Gorrit-Jan Blonk, Efrat Carmi, Sara Feldman, Kiki QuFinalise and implement the new guidelines of the Partnership and Mentorship programme and develop procedures for member participation. Evaluate and recommend updates to Partnership and Support Grant informational materials and process. Evaluate Alliance Support Grant requests for partnership or meeting travel and make recommendations to the Board.
Annual Meeting ProgrammeSara Feldman, Efrat Carmi, Tammy Moore
(Alper Kaya co-opted)
Design the Annual Meeting programme, read and respond to evaluations, produce call for abstracts, review abstracts, and finalise 2016 agenda.
Forbes Norris Award ReviewCarol Birks, Barb Newhouse, Tammy Moore, Evy Reviers
Evaluate 2016 Forbes Norris Award nominations and make recommendations to the Board in advance of the 2016 Meeting.

Committee Guideline: Chair, 2 Directors, 2 members of World Federation of Neurology
Humanitarian Award ReviewSteve Bell, Kiki Qu, Teresa SalasEvaluate 2016 Humanitarian Award nominations and make recommendations to the Board in advance of the 2016 Meeting.

Committee Guideline: 3 Directors (at discretion of the Board)
Articles of Association Review and Policy CommitteeBob Bestow, Barb NewhouseIn response to concerns raised by the membership, review the Articles and Memorandum of Association and create relevant policies to ensure that procedures are in place regarding issues such as voting at the AGM.
PALS/MND Inclusion CommitteeCarol Birks, Tammy Moore, Barb Newhouse (Sally Light co-opted)In response to concerns raised by the membership, review the Annual Meetings and explore possibilities of greater inclusion of PALS/MND. Explore an expansion of the Ask The Experts programme to accommodate PALS/MND.