2011 Meetings

Hilton Hotel, Sydney, Australia
November-December 2011

Below, you will find archived presentation materials from the 19th Annual Alliance Meeting, the 2011 Ask The Experts event and the 9th Annual Allied Professionals Forum.

We have shared materials from all presenters who gave us their permission, and the information is organised by event.

For the Alliance Meeting, most links will prompt you to download the PowerPoint file used during the presentation; there are also video and media clips where possible. We were fortunate to have video on-site for the Allied Professionals Forum, so we have provided links to YouTube videos of each presentation.

Feel free to browse, and if you have questions, get in touch with Rachel Patterson, the General Manager, for more information.

2011 Alliance Meeting

The presentation files from the Alliance Meeting can be found here below, in PDF format.

Efforts and Lessons of JALSA at the Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis in Japan
Yoshiaki Nagao/Yumiko Kawaguchi, Japan ALS Association

Germany: Focussing on ALS/MND within a NMD Association
Antje Faatz, DGM (Germany)

Dream Deliveries for ALS Patients in Taiwan
Dr. Ching-Piao Tsai/Dr. Chi-Hsin Huang, Taiwan MND Association

Xº Brazilian Symposium on MND/ALS
Tatiana Mesquita e Silva, ABrELA (Brazil)

An ALS Patient’s Life with Cough Assist (Mechanical Insufflator-Exsufflator)
Satomi Homma

The Value of an Education Service
Bob Bestow, MND Scotland

Russia Estonia and Greece ALS/MND Outreach Initiative
Kathy Mitchell, Algonquin College (Canada)

ALS Hope Foundation and IsrALS Partnership
Sara Feldman, The ALS Hope Foundation (USA)

Presentation of the Finnish Neuromuscular Disorders Association
Eveliina Pollari, Finnish NMD Association (Finland)

Incurable Optimism – MND Association 1 Year On
Steve Bell, the MND Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland

MND Association of South Africa
Franclo Henning, the MND Association of South Africa

Meeting Summary
Arnny Gudjonsdottir, Iceland (Alliance Volunteer)

2011 Ask The Experts

Thanks to our host association, MND Australia, who uploaded the 2011 event to their YouTube Channel!

How Might Stem Cell Research Lead to a Cure for ALS/MND?
Dr. Kevin Eggan

What Do We Now Understand About ALS/MND, Compared to 5-10 Years Ago?
Professor Kevin Talbot

Lessons from ALS/MND Genetics
Professor Robert Brown, Jr.

Clinical Trials in ALS/MND: Past, Present and Future
Professor Orla Hardiman

Q and A Session

2011 Allied Professionals Forum

All information has been made available by our presenters.

The APF was filmed and uploaded in three parts; access them by clicking below.  Please note we are still in the process of uploading presentations; thank you for your patience, and we expect to have this resolved soon!

Part I: 2011 Allied Professionals Forum (AM Session)


Thank you to all of our wonderful presenters and to our host association, MND Australia, whose generous hospitality made the 2011 Meetings possible.

Here is our group photo from the 19th Annual Alliance Meeting, with over 60 members and friends in attendance!

Sydney Alliance Meeting Group Photo 2011

We’d also like to recognise The ALS Hope Foundation, sponsor of the 2011 Allied Professionals Forum!

ALS Hope Foundation Logo