Become A Mentee

Why Seek Mentorship?

The Alliance is a broad spectrum of ALS/MND organisations with different levels of development and service delivery. Some are mature and well-established, while others are new and emerging, and there are plenty in-between. 

Alliance embers have the opportunity to receive the benefits of mentorship. The sharing of knowledge and experience can enhance every member that seeks mentorship support.

A “Mentee” is an Alliance member who seeks help from a Mentor. Learn more about the Mentorship Programme here.

If you are ready to become a mentee, please fill out the form below.

Become a Mentee

  • All mentees must be Alliance members. If you are not a member, contact to learn how you can become a member!
  • If you are an Associate Individual Member, simply write "Associate."
    Please check all that apply.
  • Remember: The best mentorship projects have clear, achievable goals.