Call for Abstracts: 2017 Allied Professionals Forum

15th Allied Professionals Forum
7 December 2017
Westin Boston Waterfront | Boston, MA, USA


 The deadline to submit an abstract is 5 May 2017. 


(Link disabled: The deadline has now passed)

 About the Allied Professionals Forum

The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations will host a one-day Allied Professionals Forum at the Westin Boston Waterfront on 7 December 2017. This seminar, specifically for allied health and social care professionals, is held between the International Alliance Meeting (5-6 December) and the International Symposium on ALS/MND (8-10 December).

The Allied Professionals Forum is an opportunity for health professionals to share their experiences, knowledge and strategies of caring for people with ALS/MND with their international peers. The aim of this program is to promote the exchange of information on good practice and to enable health and social care professionals from all parts of the world to provide the highest quality care possible for people with ALS/MND through education and application.

The Programme Committee is particularly interested in receiving abstracts which:

  • demonstrate practical management strategies
  • provide opportunities to reflect on options and solutions
  • provide specific examples and/or data to inform on their use
  • stimulate understanding and learning and the ability to translate this into practice
  • reflect international differences and similarities in care management

Key Themes 2017

We welcome abstracts on a variety of topics, but the following themes will be emphasized: 

  • Managing Cognitive Change – Discuss the approaches used by allied health professionals to address the needs of people with ALS/MND who experience mild to severe cognitive changes as their disease progresses.
  • Assistive Technology – Explore how the use of assistive communication, mobility and environment control technology is being used by people with ALS/MND.
  • Promoting a Palliative Approach – Describe the benefits of promoting a palliative approach to the care of people with ALS/MND.
  • Models of Care – Explain the impact and outcomes of the models of care for people with ALS/MND in the clinic, hospital, hospice or at-home care setting, among others.
  • Developing Resources for Families/Carers Discuss the creation and outcomes of materials or programming designed to engage with and meet the needs of the families and carers of people with ALS/MND.
  • Therapeutic Interventions – Discuss the impact of specific therapeutic interventions in ALS/MND.

Submission Guidelines

  • All abstracts must be submitted via the online form, and the system will accept abstracts until 11:59PM PDT on 5 May 2017: Click here to submit an abstract.
  • Abstracts must be in English and no longer than 400 words.
  • Speakers are given 15 minutes to present their information with 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The APF will run strictly to time.
  • The APF Programme Committee will review all abstracts.
  • If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the presenter must register for the APF and registration fees are the responsibility of the presenter.
  • Individuals may submit more than one abstract.
  • Biographies will be requested for presenters, not to exceed 150 words.
  • Abstracts should reflect presentations that are fair, balanced and free of commercial bias.

Make a difference to people with ALS/MND and those who care for them by sharing your knowledge and experience! 

 The deadline to submit an abstract is 5 May 2017. 




Steven Bell (Co-Chair)
Director of Care (North), MND Association of England, Wales and Northern Ireland
Sara Feldman (Co-Chair)
Clinical Liaison, ALS Hope Foundation; Physical Therapist, MDA/ALS Center of Hope, USA
Carol Birks
Chairwoman, International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations; CEO, MND Australia
Robert A. Goldstein
Vice President, ALS Therapy Development Institute, USA
Amruta Paranjape
Vice Chairman, Managing Committee, Asha Ek Hope Foundation; Head of Aquatic Therapy Department and Research Associate, Neurogen Brain and Spine Institute, India
Craig Stockton
CEO, MND Scotland 
Rachel Patterson
General Manager, International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations