MOTUS VITA – Association of People with Special Needs

Full Member, Latvia

Region covered:

Latvia, Europe



Date founded: 22 July 2009


  • Valerijs Rakovs - Chairman


Maskavas str. 421-18, Riga,
Latvia, LV-1063


+371 27449647





MOTUS VITA – Association of People with Special Needs Activities


  1. To assist ALS/MND patients in obtaining medical, social and professional rehabilitation:
    • Promotion of ALS/MND patients rehabilitation program developed by health specialists.
    • Promotion of practice and experience exchange for health professionals in the care and support of people living with ALS/MND.
    • Distribution of disability aids and wheelchairs as well as diapers and pads.
  2. To promote educational opportunities for people living with ALS/MND as well as to support and encourage acquisition of IT professional skills and employment.
    • Development of computerization and computer literacy program; maintenance of a computer class; provision of computers and Internet access at homes;
    • Development of a special program for distance professional consultancy
  3. To facilitate integration of people living with ALS/MND into society by way of encouraging their involvement in general community activities and organizing special activities designated for these people.
    • Organization and support of Creative Workshops, including participation in charity fairs and arrangement of exhibition of works created by the members of said workshops
    • Development of Art Therapy program
    • Arrangement of summer camps “Wings for Wheels”.
    • Organization of sightseeing trips inside Latvia.
    • Maintenance of our home page .
  4. To advocate the rights of ALS/MND patients in various institutions and government whenever any laws or other legal documents are being drafted or adopted.
  5. To promote MND awareness to the Government and the general community making them realize the ALS/MND patients’ daily problems and the ways to ease or solve them.
  6. To achieve the above mentioned, the Association will make use of any activities in conformity with the Latvian Legislation, including:
    • Involvement of different funds projects, co-ordination of volunteers to provide support and raise funds, etc.
    • Regular participation in “Baltic Bridge” meetings.
    • Development of contacts with relevant organizations abroad.