Stichting ALS Iran-Nederland (SAIN)


Non Member, Iran

Region covered:




Date founded: 15 January 2010


  • F. Al Eshaq-Shariat (Chairman)
  • G. Al Eshaq (Treasurer)


Marconistraat 175
6533 KW Nijmegen
The Netherlands


31 (0) 24 388 35 12, 31 (0) 62 753 51 72


31 (0) 84 836 70 83




Stichting ALS Iran-Nederland (SAIN) Activities

  • Increasing awareness about ALS disease and the possible ways to prevent it as well as providing treatments, assistance, and rehabilitation services to ALS patients and their involved families in Iran.
  • Establishing and keeping connections with organizations and institutes in the Netherlands that can by any means contribute to SAIN in fight against ALS or similar disease.
  • Establishing and keeping connection with physicians and medical centers in Iran which are willing and capable of helping SAIN by any means for reaching the affected people and channelling the offering.
  • Presenting the ALS patients and defending their needs and wishes in general sense.
  • Establishing an information center about ALS disease in Iran given the possibilities and opportunities that SAIN will come across.
  • Increasing the social knowledge about ALS in Iran.
  • Establishing and operating financial resources and exploiting the raised funds for the costs involved in carrying out the tasks related to the above mentioned goals.
  • Carrying out any other subsidiary tasks which would contribute to fulfilment of the above mentioned goals.