About the Alliance Support Grant

The International Alliance has established a programme whereby financial grants can be made available to member associations of the Alliance or, in certain circumstances, to their individual representatives. The grant is known as the Alliance Support Grant or “ASG.”

The ASG is intended to provide financial assistance for the following purposes:

  • The ASG for Meeting Travel provides financial assistance to delegates of member associations (who would not, on economic grounds, otherwise be able to do so) to travel to and attend the Annual Alliance Meeting, in order for them to hear and share information, strategies and techniques about ALS/MND for the benefit of their association. This grant application is due 1 August annually.
  • The ASG for Partnership Travel assists member associations who are working in recognised partnerships through our Partnership Programme with the fares and other expenses associated with the costs of travel, in order that they may share experiences, exchange knowledge and information and benefit from working with patients, carers, clinicians and researchers. Applications are accepted year-round.

We invite all members to apply for grant funding. Please remember that a member association can only apply for one grant per calendar year (in any category). Click here to view the guideline policy for reviewing ASG applications.

To apply, use these links: Apply for Meeting Travel Grant; Apply for Partnership Grant.