Annual Member Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions for Members: Information

1. It is a requirement that membership subscriptions for associations are accompanied by the member’s most recent year-end financial statements; please upload your financial statement using the form below, or send a copy to the General Manager by email ( We need to ensure that this is standard practice.

2. Subscriptions are distributed annually on 1 July and due on 1 September to coincide with the start of the Alliance’s new financial year.

3. Full Members: Subscriptions are 0.20% of the member’s total (gross) annual income or £100 (pounds sterling), whichever is the greater. The maximum payment is £10,000. Associates: Subscriptions are £100 (pounds sterling).

4. Payment must be made in pounds sterling and credit card is the preferred method of payment.

5. Please note credit card payments will be processed through the MND Association’s credit card system. This will therefore appear on your credit card statement as a payment to the MND Association. The MND Association will transfer all payments to the Alliance.

6. If paying by bank draft/bank transfer, the bank’s commission charges should be added to your payment being made, not taken from it. The Alliance has lost a considerable amount of money paying members’ commission charges.

The solvency of the Alliance depends on members paying their subscriptions. Late payment could threaten the Alliance’s ability to continue to operate. In order to encourage prompt payment there is now a penalty for late payment as follows:

Those paying more than 3 months late will be charged an extra 10%.

Those paying more than 6 months late will be charged an extra 20%.

Year 1: Applications to have fees waived must be accompanied by the members latest end of year financial statements. If the Association sends a delegate to the Alliance meetings, that delegate will not be allowed to vote or hold office until membership dues are paid in full for the current membership year.

Year 2: Most recent end of year financial statements must again accompany applications, but there will be a requirement that the member Association contributes 50% of the fee. If the Association sends a delegate to the Alliance meeting, that delegate will not be allowed to vote or hold office until membership dues are paid in full for the current membership year.

Year 3: If a Member is unable to pay subscription for a third year running, the Alliance will review membership to ensure that the level of service to people with ALS/MND fulfills the requirements of membership of the Alliance. If those requirements are not being met, that member may be asked to withdraw membership.

To pay your subscription fee, please use the electronic form below. If you experience any difficulties, you can also download the paper form here and return it to

Any information entered on this electronic form is safe and confidential. It will be viewable only by the General Manager, and is of the same security level as emailing your information through the paper form.

For any questions, or if you require any assistance, please contact the General Manager, Rachel Patterson, by e-mail:

Membership Subscription Form

  • For inquiries arising from this form.
  • Please note that, for associations, an official financial statement must be uploaded below or submitted to the General Manager at Individuals may leave this field blank.
    If your organisation needs to apply for a waiver, please contact and submit your financial documents as proof of need.
  • Full Member fee = 0.20% of gross annual income or £100; whichever is greater; Associate fee = £100
    To pay by credit card, fill in your information below.

    To pay by bank transfer, please leave the credit card information fields blank and make a transfer payable to:

    The International Alliance of ALS/MND Associations
    Lloyds TSB Bank PLC
    George Row
    Northampton UK
    Account No: 2952563
    Sort code: 30-96-09
    BIC: LOYDGB21071 IBAN: GB13 LOYD 3096 0902 9525 63
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