2018 Operational Plan

The 2018 Alliance Operational Plan, developed by the General Manager, is a specific plan set in place to guide the Alliance’s day-to-day operations, goals, activities and development. The Operational Plan assists Alliance staff in making sure that the Alliance remains focused and transparent in all its activities. This active document will be updated quarterly throughout 2017.

The 2018 Operational Plan identifies specific, time-bound objectives in each of the strategic areas identified in our Strategic Plan for 2016-2019. These areas are:

  • Advocacy: To influence communities, governments and other international organisations to support the interests of people living with ALS/MND globally
  • Membership: To grow membership and promote the establishment of support organisations where none currently exist
  • Partnership: To promote, support and enhance the Alliance’s Partnership (and Mentorship) Program
  • Information: To facilitate, promote and review the exchange of information on ALS/MND care, education and research
  • Funding: To build a sustainable operating and funding model for the Alliance

The objectives outlined in the Operational Plan are informed by member input and discussions during the Alliance Meeting in Boston.

Members, please feel free to review the Operational Plan! You are invited and encouraged to contribute any ideas you may have. If you wish to participate or comment, please contact the Alliance Coordinator

Review the 2018 Operational Plan  

Remember: The General Manager will update this active document regularly (once each quarter), so check back every few months to see the progress we have made.

Together, we are united in the worldwide fight against ALS/MND!