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Aims and Focus of the 2014 Campaign

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Alliance member associations from around the world have contact with athletes from a number of sports, including rugby, football, soccer, ultra marathon running, tennis and swimming.

The aim of the One Global Team, One Goal Campaign is to leverage this support. We are asking Alliance members to invite athletes to share messages, photos and/or videos of themselves to support people living with ALS/MND on and around 21 June 2014.

The campaign will run for one week, from 19 to 26 June.

Through this social media campaigning, we hope to raise awareness and funds to support the Alliance’s international efforts, as well as those of our members.

We will use the hashtag #GlobalTeam to demonstrate our solidarity and to show that we are united in the worldwide fight against ALS/MND!

We would also like to focus this campaign on promoting the needs of people diagnosed with ALS/MND globally and the family of ALS/MND charters initiated last year.


The objectives of the One Global Team, One Goal campaign are:

1.    To engage with notable athletes to create a coordinated Global Day social media campaign that will encourage member engagement and raise awareness of ALS/MND internationally.
2.    To encourage donations to member organisations and the Alliance.
3.    To create and share key messages to highlight the needs of people living with ALS/MND worldwide on ALS/MND Global Day.
4.    To encourage people to sign ALS/MND Charters in the countries where these are available.

How Members Can Get Involved

Alliance members are encouraged to invite the athletes and teams that support them to share messages of hope, awareness and education via social media on and around 21 June 2014.

Ask athletes you are in contact with to create photos or videos to raise awareness and funds for ALS/MND. Make sure you tag the Alliance (@alsmndalliance on Twitter, or The International Alliance on Facebook)!

If you do not have the time or the staff available to personally contact athletes in your country, or if you do not have any contact with notable sportspeople, you can still participate by liking, sharing and re-tweeting the Alliance’s messages on Facebook and Twitter!

The Alliance understands that most member organisations have very limited capacity to engage in campaigns outside of their day-to-day operations. It is anticipated that this idea will require minimal staff time and effort and can be scaled according to the interest and capacity of members.

Key Message 

Below is the key message we want to use during this campaign. Athletes can print and download this key message and hold it up for photos and videos on Facebook and Twitter!

Below, find links to the key message branded specially for a number of different sports, formatted for A4-sized paper. As you can see, we’ve created many logos, so use whichever is most relevant to you. Please translate as required! 

One #GlobalTeam, One Goal:
A World Free of ALS/MND!

Download and print the key message! Choose a sporting event below:

American Football, Aussie RulesBaseballBasketball, Cricket, CyclingDiving, GolfIce Hockey, Kiteboarding, RugbySoccerSwimmingTennisTrack & Field/Running


Steps for Members to Take

  1. Inform the Alliance Coordinator that your organisation will be taking part in the campaign.
  1. Identify key athletes, sportspeople or teams that have shown support for ALS/MND in your country.
  1. Make a personal Invitation to these athletes to get involved in the campaign.
    • If you do not have their personal email or contact details, then send them a direct message on Twitter or Facebook with some information about our cause and a link to our website.
  1. Direct athletes to the Alliance Global Day Page for information on the campaign and our key messages!
  1. Ask them to take photos or videos of themselves or their team to post with messages of support for people living with ALS/MND via their social media sites on and around 21 June.
    • Ask them to print a sign with our Key Message and hold it up, then take a photo. They can share this photo through social media to show that they have joined our #GlobalTeam and share our goal!
    • Ask them to use the hashtag #GlobalTeam and to tag @alsmndalliance on Twitter.
    • Ask them to share messages of ALS/MND awareness alongside their photo, and to share and re-tweet the Alliance’s messages!
    • Ask them to sign, share or support the Family of ALS/MND Charters or a regional patients’ rights charter if one exists in your country.
    • Ask them to encourage donations to your organisation or to the Alliance! Our donations page is here.
  1. Follow the athletes on Facebook and Twitter and share their posts with your membership. Don’t forget to tag the Alliance!
  1. The campaign will run for one week from 19 to 26 June. The Alliance will kick off the campaign via Facebook and Twitter on 19 June and end it with a thank you and overview of results on 26 June.
    • Throughout the week the Alliance will post key messages for members to re-tweet, share and like.