Shout Loud

During the 2013 ALS/MND Meetings, we launched a social media campaign using the hash tag #ShoutLoud. The purpose of our campaign was to raise our collective voices to raise awareness of ALS/MND globally.

Over the course of the 2013 Meetings, members and friends of the Alliance from all over the world started to use the hash tag #ShoutLoud on Facebook, Twitter and other social media outlets to share ALS/MND information, links, statistics and awareness, and to share and re-tweet the Alliance’s messages.

Our first #ShoutLoud was a huge success–over only a week, we gained over 150 social media followers and were able to spread hope, awareness and interest around the world! We also created this fundraising page to encourage people from around the world to support the work of the Alliance during our Meeting.

Given the success and popularity of this campaign, we have decided to keep the #ShoutLoud going. Periodically, the Alliance continues to #ShoutLoud for people with #ALS/#MND in order to raise awareness through social media.  And we continue to invite you to join us in our campaign!

Please spread the word about #ShoutLoud to your members, friends, stakeholders and other members of the international ALS/MND community.  This is a great opportunity for us to come together and get involved.

Let’s show the world that the Alliance and its supporters are united in the worldwide fight against ALS/MND.

Show your support and #ShoutLoud on behalf of people with ALS/MND worldwide!

#ShoutLoud 2013