Alliance Support Grant

The International Alliance has established a programme whereby financial grants can be made available to member associations of the Alliance or, in certain circumstances, to their individual representatives. The grant is known as the Alliance Support Grant or “ASG.”

The ASG is intended to provide financial assistance for the following purposes:

  • To help newly formed Alliance member associations establish themselves
  • To facilitate, as far as is practical, the survival of existing member associations by providing short-term financial support
  • To provide financial assistance to delegates of member associations (who would not, on economic grounds, otherwise be able to do so) to travel to and attend the Annual Alliance Meeting, in order for them to hear and share information, strategies and techniques about ALS/MND for the benefit of their association
  • To assist member associations who are working in recognised partnerships through our Partnership Programme with the fares and other expenses associated with the costs of travel, in order that they may share experiences, exchange knowledge and information and benefit from working with patients, carers, clinicians and researchers

For more information about ASG policies and procedures, browse the toggles below. Only current members of the Alliance are eligible to apply for grant funding. Grant information and applications can be found on the Members Area page.

Use of the Grant

Please note that grant assistance is only available to organisations who are currently members of the Alliance.  If you need information on how to become a member, please contact the General Manager at and read our membership guidelines.

Administrative Support

In the case of applications for the ASG for the purposes of establishing or sustaining member associations in their own countries, the funds may be used for:

  • the purchase of office materials, furniture, communications or computer equipment
  • printing and publication of awareness and information material
  • salaries or other local costs for the employment of an administrator, secretary, fundraiser or other paid employee approved by the Alliance Support Grant Committee

ASG funding will not be made available for the payment of rent or other property-related costs.

Current members can log in and apply here.

Annual Meeting Travel

Applications may also be made for the purposes of travel to the Annual ALS/MND Meetings. In this case, the grant is to be used solely for travel and accommodation expenses.  ASG funds will not be made available for personal subsistence expenses (e.g. meals, local travel or other costs).

All grants awarded for Annual Meeting Travel will be in the amount of £1000. Registration fees for the Alliance Meeting and Allied Professionals Forum will also be waived for recipients of the ASG. Please note that registration fees for the International Symposium cannot be waived. The annual deadline for meeting travel applications is August 1.

Current members can log in and apply here.

Partnership Travel

Delegates and health professionals who are representatives of an Alliance member association may apply for ASG funding to help them travel for the purposes of providing education or sharing knowledge and information through the Partnership Programme.

In this case, applicants must explain the nature of their partnership and its intended outcomes or benefits. They must also quantify the expense of the proposed travel and request an appropriate level of funding.  As with travel to the Annual Meetings, the ASG may be used solely for travel and accommodation expenses.  ASG funds will not be made available for personal subsistence expenses (e.g. meals, local travel or other costs).

Current members can log in and apply here.

Application Procedure

New Associations

New associations who are not yet members of the Alliance are not eligible for grant assistance.  We can, however, help you to establish your organisation through non-financial support.

New, non-member associations are asked to contact the General Manager, who can guide you through the process of establishing an organisation and let you know what is necessary to be eligible for membership in the Alliance.

Once an association has become incorporated and meets the requirements to apply for Alliance membership, the General Manager will support that association through the membership application process and provide all necessary documents.

After a membership application has been approved, associations are welcome to move forward through the process of applying for ASG assistance with the support of the General Manager.

Existing Member Associations

Existing Alliance members who wish to apply for an ASG should contact the General Manager. Members can apply using the links provided in the Members Area:

ASG Application: Administrative Support (applications accepted year-round)

ASG Application: Partnership Travel (applications accepted year-round)

ASG Application: Alliance Meeting Travel (annual deadline: 1 August)

Subject to the nature of the ASG application, the Alliance may appoint a mentor to seek further information and to assist the applicant. Following submission of the application and any report form the mentor, the Board of Directors will make the necessary decisions regarding the award of ASG funds.

To be eligible to apply for an Alliance Support Grant, the applicant member association must be fully up-to-date with all subscriptions or any other sums due to the Alliance. Furthermore, it must be an association which, in the absence of a support grant, would not, for economic reasons, be able to perform the activities to be supported by grant funding.

A member association can only receive one ASG (in any category) in a given calendar year.


The ASG is overseen and administered by the Alliance Support Grant Committee, a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, assisted by the General Manager.

The General Manager corresponds with member associations, collects all application forms and ensures that applications received are accurate and complete.

The Alliance Support Grant Committee reviews each application in detail and makes a recommendation to the Board of Directors, based on the merits of the application received and the availability of Alliance resources. A final decision is made by a vote of the Board of Directors.

Review of ASG Recipients

Recipients of Alliance Support Grants for establishment or maintenance of associations will be required to submit a written report to the Board of the Alliance, in accordance with a specified timetable, and to include yearly audited or certified accounts of the association.

Recipients of Partnership and Meeting Travel Grants are not required, but are encouraged, to submit a short report to the Board of Directors within three months of the event, describing how the individual and/or the association benefited from the experience.

Discretion of the Directors: It should be noted that the Alliance is under no obligation to award ASG funding, in any category, in any year. All grants are made at the discretion of the Alliance Support Grant Committee, and are subject to the formal approval of the Board of Directors.

Thank you to Oscar and Linda Sepulveda for their ongoing support of the ASG Programme and the International Alliance.

If you would like to help support the ASG, make a donation to fund the Alliance and its programmes!