The ALS/MND Cheers Challenge: Cheers to a world free of ALS/MND

In any language, raising a glass and saying “cheers” is an expression of goodwill and camaraderie. (Learn to say “cheers” in 50 languages here!)

On Global Day 2017, we say “cheers” to celebrate our friendships and show appreciation for our companions and colleagues in the global fight against ALS/MND.

Get ready to make your own special toast on 21st June!

Aims and Focus of the 2017 Global Day Campaign

Raise your glass and make a toast to another member association, researcher, colleague, PALS or CALS, etc. Celebrate the Alliance’s supporters, our friendship and our collaborative efforts. We are working together for a world free of ALS/MND!

Share your “cheers” photo on social media using our signature hashtag #ALSMNDWithoutBorders. Use your “cheers” message to raise awareness of ALS/MND and to highlight the partnerships we have built as an Alliance community. Then challenge others in our community to post their own “cheers” photo!


  • Raise global awareness of ALS/MND through a shared activity and social media
  • Promote collaboration and goodwill between members through “cheers” messages
  • Highlight partnerships and collaborations in the global fight against ALS/MND
  • Strengthen the Alliance’s international community
  • Encourage donations to the Alliance and its member associations
  • Show thanks to active individuals and associations in the global ALS/MND community

How to Participate

  1. On or around 21st June, take a photo or video of yourself raising a glass (of any beverage) and giving a “cheers” message
  2. If you wish, make a donation to the Alliance or an ALS/MND association in your country (optional)
  3. Post your photo or video to social media, using the hashtag #ALSMNDWithoutBorders
  4. In your post, say “cheers” to a member association, a researcher, a colleague, a PALS/CALS or someone else you have collaborated with or whom you want to thank for their work in the global ALS/MND community. Challenge them to do the same and spread the word. Cheers to a world free of ALS/MND!

Suggestions and Ideas

  • Share facts about ALS/MND in your post. Make sure we are spreading awareness while we have fun!
  • Take a group photo or video! Include friends, coworkers, colleagues and other members of the community.
  • Mention or tag the Alliance in your post! Twitter @ALSMNDAlliance or Facebook /TheIntlAlliance.
  • Showcase your favorite beverage or one that represents your region or country. No alcohol required!
  • Feel free to say “cheers” in your own language. We welcome diversity.
  • Wear your Alliance t-shirt or a t-shirt representing a member association.
  • Include or mention a PALS in your post, or raise a glass to thank PALS and CALS.
  • Emphasize the Alliance’s mission and our global community.
  • Don’t forget to challenge someone else to keep the challenge going!
  • Be creative!

Why This Campaign?

  • It’s free of cost.
  • Our members and supporters can participate as individuals, groups or associations.
  • This activity is quick and easy, and it leaves lots of room for creativity!
  • This campaign will allow us to work together as a community and to thank our friends, colleagues and collaborators – “Cheers to you for all you do!”
  • We will highlight ALS/MND Alliance partnerships, mentorships and collaborations around the world.

Key Message


Cheers to a world free of ALS/MND

Shareable Graphics

Let’s spread the word! Download and share any of the 4 graphics we have created for the 2017 Global Day campaign. Click any image below to download the file. 

Example Messages

  • “Cheers to @acelacolombia for creating an engine of support and hope for all those living with #ELA in Colombia! #ALSMNDWithoutBorders”
  • “Cheers to @MNDAssoc for creating the #alssymp 28 years ago! This is a hugely important meeting & we know how much work it is for you to take the lead each year. #ALSMNDWithoutBorders”
  • “Cheers to @ALSHF on the major move to Temple University! The multidisciplinary care you fund gives #PALS & families in the area SO much support! #ALSMNDWithoutBorders”
  • “Cheers to @LeonardvandBerg and others on the new genetic findings relative to ALS! Your work is important and appreciated! Cheers to you! #ALSMNDWithoutBorders”
  • “Cheers to @CinimodEwor and others leading the charge in Australia with CuATSM Clinical Trial! So many people around the world are hopeful and eager for the results. #ALSMNDWithoutBorders”