Asociación Colombiana de Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica


Full Member, Colombia

Region covered:




Date founded: 28 May 2008


  • Orlando Ruiz, Founder


Carrera 66 # 79 A – 82
Apt 3-102
Bogotá, Colombia


+57 1 7358360, +57 320 962 1211




Asociación Colombiana de Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica Activities

The main purpose of the organization is to advise patients, family members and caregivers, to deal with the disease Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis ALS so that they have the best possible quality of life for the patient and those who are around him or her. To achieve its goals, the organization will perform following specific activities:

  • To organize Medical and practical seminars for patients, family members of patients and caregivers
  • To coordinate activities with medical organizations and ALS research institutes
  • To promote the appropriate and dignified medical care for ALS patients
  • To raise donations for the progression of the Association
  • To establish and maintain relationships with International ALS Associations and with national and foreign organizations with similar purposes
  • To promote the creation of ALS chapters in other cities
  • To advise patients and family members regarding the health rights and related Constitutional rights
  • To find psychological support for patients and family members
  • To make the society sensitive about the devastating effects of the disease. to request and to obtain from the central government and the local governments all the required support to find solutions
  • To publish manuals, texts and magazines that contribute to spread the results of the activities performed by ACELA and other activities with similar purposes and to promote meetings, seminars, courses, academic events and every media of exchange of ideas for the best spread of the purposes and achievements of the Association
  • To promote only medicaments approved by the medical science and that have demonstrated beneficial evidence for the ALS patients considering the ethical principles: Respect for the Persons, benefits and justice