ALS Liga België (The ALS League of Belgium)

Full Member, Belgium

Region covered:


In Belgium there are 11 million inhabitants and 3 official languages. Belgium is divided in 3 districts, each with their own parliament. So every district has their own laws. For us, it isn't easy to give every patient information in their own language. It is also difficult for us to go to every district to defend the rights of the patients. But still we keep the fight for our 1,000 patients and we won’t be daunted by the complexity of our country!



Date founded: May 1995


  • Reviers Evy, CEO
  • Reviers Danny, President


Kapucijnenvoer 33 bus 1
B-3000 Leuven


+32 (0) 16 23 95 82






ALS Liga België (The ALS League of Belgium) Activities

  • To give information about ALS to patients, family members and third parties
  • To provide psychosocial support to patients and family members after the diagnosis
  • To collect, translate, organize and distribute information
  • To provide equipment for free, such as speech computers, wheelchairs, lifting-systems, etc.
  • To defend the rights of ALS patients at various institutions and authorities
  • To strive to individual care by establishing our own care residence
  • To organize contact days in order to promote a sense of community
  • To increase public awareness
  • To establish contacts with foreign organizations in order to gather and exchange information
  • To operate a proper secretariat
  • To publish our quarterly newsletter
  • To administer the website