Asociación ELA Argentina (ALS Association of Argentina)

Full Member, Argentina

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Date founded: 6 November, 2011


  • Pablo Aquino - Secretary
  • Dario Ryba - President


Avenida Belgrano 687
Piso 8, Oficina 33
C1092AAG Buenos Aires,


+5411-4334-4844, +5411-4343-2706


+5411-4334-4844, +5411-4343-2706






Asociación ELA Argentina (ALS Association of Argentina) Activities

ALS Care Center

  • The ALS Care Center has the main goal of dealing with the population affected by the disease by facilitating multi-disciplinary intervention.  Even though it focuses on ALS pathology, the Care Center also treats people affected by other motor neurone diseases.
  • Multi-Focial Medical Office// Health Insurance Providers

ALS Community

  • ALS Community is a program that gathers patients, relatives and friends affected by ALS who share common goals and challenges related to ALS and its consequences in the social environment. The ALS Community serves those affected by ALS (directly or indirectly) by providing a forum and allowing members to organise social, recreational and cultural activities, as well as community volunteerwork.  Participation in the ALS Community program allows members to realize these projects and activities.
  • Volunteer Activities// Social Volunteering

Legal Affairs

  • ALS presents for its patients the same accessibility issues faced by people with disabilities.  At the ALS Association of Argentina, we advocate the right we all have to physical access.  We are convinced that physical access promotes the exercise of equal rights and liberties, which is the starting point to reach full development of one’s personality, self-sufficiency, and independence.  These qualities are every human being’s goals. We want to provide an efficient means toward equal opportunities, aimed at social acceptances of differences, mutual respect, and dignity.
  • Disability Certificates// Laws in Effect

Logistical Assistance

  • Another important activity carried out by the Association is the equipment bank.  It consists of a lending service aimed at providing patients who don’t have access to supplies and/or those who face a socially vulnerable situation with the best possible equipment for each different stage of the disease. Different technical support programs are also made available to patients. They are devices or technological products that complement movements or aid the functional limitations of people with disabilities. Our professional team permanently performs an evaluation of each patient in order to prescribe the most suitable technical support, which includes adaptations and training them to use the technology correctly.
  • Feeding// Bathing// Walking// Communication// Back Support// Secretions Control// Specialized Furniture// Ointments

Financial Resources

  • This program consists of a set of activities that raise and manage funds and goods from people, companies, foundations, and public administrations for non-profit purposes.This concept has special relevance in recent years because it enables our institution to have different financial resources that cover expenses and allow us to work independently while guaranteeing better services for people with ALS and the ability to spread our mission in the community.
  • Membership// Grants// Events// Donations

Research and Training

  • Within the framework of ALS Argentina’s mission, we plan, coordinate and manage resources for research aimed at fighting ALS.  In addition, we encourage the establishment and development of research and training programs in this field.
  • Seminars// Researchers// Conferences// Medical Congresses// Scientific Promotion

Information, Communication, and Awareness

  • This program is mainly purposed to spread news about our organisation as we make progress and achieve results related to our mission.  For this reason, it is essential to establish an awareness program that educates people about the existence of ALS and how serious it is.  We also promote our activities and projects and encourage the community to become involved.
  • Videos// Publications// TV Shows// Photo Gallery// Public Relations// National Affiliates

Federal Program

  • The program creates institutions and procedures that allow us to reach unity at a national level, increasing diversity and acceptance in order to achieve our organisation’s goals.  The program addresses problems of ethnic, religious, and social divisions.  It is an answer to political and social divisions realized in the conciliation of interests, values and preferences.
  • Affiliates// State and Province Ministries// Patients’ National Registry