ALS Foundation of the Nederlands (Stichting ALS Nederland)

Full Member, Netherlands

Region covered:

The Netherlands



Date founded: 1 January 2005


  • Gorrit-Jan Blonk, Director
  • Marjan Sterenborg, Marketing & Communication Manager


Koninginnegracht 7
2514 AA The Hague
The Netherlands


+31 886660333







ALS Foundation of the Nederlands (Stichting ALS Nederland) Activities

  • Granting (financial) support to and promotion of research to causes of ALS and research to cure or prevent the disease
  • Increase of available knowledge in this area by stimulating scientific researching a broad sense, particularly aimed at the cause and the prevention of ALS, but also on treatment and rehabilitation of patients.
  • Making available information on the causes and treatment of ALS.
  • Promotion training of experts both in the medical and non-medical disciplines and promotion of additional studying to doctors and others involved in care of patients
  • Initiate and maintain contacts with institutions, organisations and agencies which can contribute to the fight of ALS/MND.
  • Initiate and maintain contacts, and cooperate with pharmaceutical companies in areas where they contribute to the fight of ALS/MND
  • Doing advocacy for people with ALS in the broadest sense of the word.
  • Maintain a knowledge centre on ALS.
  • Stimulate awareness of ALS.
  • Initiate, manage, develop funds to support all aforesaid objectives
  • All other activities that contribute to the goals and objectives goals and objectives.

The foundation tries to reach these goals and objectives by all legitimate resources, such as,

  • Acquiring and invest reinvesting resources, and securities and its revenues.
  • Acquiring donations, legacy and heritages.
  • Fund raising in a broad sense of the word.
  • Granting benefits or supply loans to persons or institutions operative or doing research in the field of ALS/MND.