Call For Presentations: 24th Annual Alliance Meeting

PLEASE NOTE: The deadline for presentations for the 2016 Alliance Meeting has now elapsed. We are NOT currently accepting abstracts.
Please check back in summer 2017, when we will distribute the Call for Presentations for the 2017 Alliance Meeting in Boston.


24th Annual Alliance Meeting
Convention Centre Dublin
4-5 December 2016

All members are invited to submit a presentation to be considered for the 2016 Alliance Meeting agenda.

The Alliance Meeting presentations in Dublin, Ireland in December of 2016 will be grouped by themes.

Please read the detailed instructions below and then fill out the attached abstract form. The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 SeptemberPlease note that the deadline has moved up.

You are invited to present subject matter pertaining to any of the themes outlined below. All presentations must fit into one of these themes. We have new themes this year and have worked hard to include ideas suggested by members after last year’s meetings.

The Programme Committee does not guarantee that all abstracts will be accepted for presentation. The Committee will review all abstracts submitted by the deadline and make a decision based on the presentation time available and the quality of the work submitted.

Themes for Dublin, 2016:

Theme 1: Partnerships and Collaborations
How have organizations been developing partnerships or mentorships? How do our members establish and maintain partnerships? What have been the outcomes of their collaboration?

Theme 2: Research and Science
How are organizations covering information on research and distributing it to their members? Are there any updates on research an organization would like to share? What is the role different organizations play in progressing or disseminating research?

Theme 3: Programming for PALS/CALS
What innovative programs and services do organizations offer for people with ALS/MND? How do they identify the needs of PALS/MND and how do they work to create programs to address those needs? Tell us about programs you have to assist PALS/MND in travel; serve families and children; provide counseling or psychological support; provide caregiver or home health; provide equipment/assistive technology; or provide early intervention. How do organizations fund the services and programs that they provide? Please share successful programs that other members might be able to adapt and implement in their own countries and cultures. Or share challenges you have encountered and how obstacles were overcome.

Theme 4: Stakeholder Engagement
How do organizations include PALS in their work? Has any organization surveyed PALS for their input? How do organizations help empower PALS/CALS? How do organizations engage the research community? How do organizations advocate for PALS/CALS? How do organizations interact with/influence/negotiate with the government? How do organizations communicate with physicians and the health care providers?

Theme 5: Organizational Development
How do organizations develop strategies to help them meet budget goals? How do they recruit and retain donors/volunteers? What are organizations’ sources of income, and what role does fundraising play? Do organizations use the internet or social media to raise funds, raise awareness or advocate? How do new organizations get started and how do established organizations thrive?

Theme 6: Good Governance
How do organizations allocate funding and resources? What percentage of funds raised are applied to clinical care or services? What percentage to research? How do organizations ensure equal access to resources? How do organizations determine resource allocation/managing supply and demand? How do organizations evaluate and communicate the value of their work?

The Alliance Meeting will also feature an invited scientific speaker and a roundtable discussion, to be announced at a future time.

More Information:

Presentations are typically 10 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes allotted for questions from the audience. A slide (Power Point) presentation is helpful. The presentations will be given in blocks, according to the themes listed above.

To submit an abstract, use the form below! The deadline is 1 September.

If you have any questions or problems accessing the form, please contact the General Manager at

Thank you!

Rachel Patterson, General Manager

The Programme Committee
Efrat Carmi, IsrALS, Israel
Sara Feldman, ALS Hope Foundation, USA
Alper Kaya, ALS-MNH Dernegi, Turkey
Tammy Moore, ALS Canada, Canada

Alliance Meeting Presentations: 2017

  • All presenters should be members or representatives of a member organization. If you are not a member of the Alliance, please contact the General Manager at
  • All presentations must fit into one of these themes.
  • Please describe your proposed presentation in 100 - 500 words. Abstracts should not be under 100 words.